What Cuerden Management Consultancy Do

Training Needs Analysis – JSP 822 Compliant

We have years of experience in the analysis and development of training needs and solutions for Defence in accordance with JSP 822.  We deliver DSAT-compliant products in support of current and future operational capability and training requirements, with a portfolio of work supporting a significant number of technical programmes and Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) capabilities for operations in Afghanistan.  Our TNA rigour and resultant recommended training solutions have contributed to mission-critical equipment implementation and the improvement of specialist users’ technical expertise.  Of particular note is the work we have conducted in support of individual Mission Specifc Training (iMST) and Collective Training (CT) requirements within the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Services domain.  This includes significant work to develop training for the Tactical Ground Reporting (TiGR) capability and Combined Information Data Network Exchange (CIDNE) employed in Afghanistan.  In addition, Cuerden Consulting has completed major TNA contracts for the Joint Command and Control Support Programme (JC2SP), and provides ongoing training workstream support for both JC2SP and the Defence Information Infrastructure (DII).

While expert in producing classic TNAs, we are increasingly finding that clients come to us for the added value we can offer through our development of bespoke TNA approaches.  Whilst remaining fully compliant with Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT) and JSP 822, we have developed the TNA ‘Lite’ as an adaptation of the full TNA process when mission-critical timelines compress the time available for completion of the four major TNA deliverables.  The TNA ‘Lite’ combines deliverables, saving significant time that would otherwise be spent awaiting customer review. This approach is conducted on agreement with the client that a dynamic customer relationship will support swift product review, thus permitting our consultants to proceed with the next stages of the TNA ‘Lite’ at a pace that otherwise would not be possible.  Cuerden Consulting has successfully delivered a number of TNA ‘Lites’ in support of capabilities requiring development of a training solution in tight timelines and with very constrained budgets.  More recently, an Education and Training Needs Analysis (ETNA) methodology has also been developed for broad-subject through-life career education and training analysis, in response to our clients’ requirements.

As training needs analysis practitioners we are also able to draw from the JSP 822 “toolbox” of techniques and approaches to produce training for non-Defence clients who do not require the rigour of months of formal analysis, to ensure the delivery of high quality products